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We’re a non-profit working to boost the startup community in Aarhus.

We have our hands (and hearts) deep in the community, where we meet and listen to founders daily to detect the challenges you face and create solutions. Whether it be acces to capital, acces to network, or acces to knowledge - we’ll help deliver.


coming up

Sep 27
Sep 29
10:24 am
10:24 am
Startup Weekend Aarhus

Startup Weekend Aarhus

Startup Weekend Aarhus is for everyone and anyone! It does not matter where you live, whether you have any experience or not, what age you a

Oct 10
Oct 10
5:00 pm
10:00 pm
Startup Aarhus Townhall

Startup Aarhus Townhall

Aarhus Townhall gathers founders, investors, and community builders for one night of inspiration, fun, and connections.


Our philosophy is simple: founders first.

As a non-profit, we have the luxury to only put our time, where value is added to founders. That’s what we do.

Aarhus is home to ⇧ amazing founders building the next big thing - everything we do is for founders, and founders only.

What we do

and how

We connect, showcase, and support startups in Aarhus.

Here are our initiatives:
● Investors
● Slush’D
● Diversity
● Townhall
● Future Founders

Startup Weekend

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Connecting founders and investors is top of our list. We won’t help you pitch or get your numbers up, but we’ll help you get in a room with the money.

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Aarhus Slush’D

Aarhus Slush'D is one, massive yearly event, that gathers the startup community for a day of networking and inspiration. Via the Aarhus Slush’D event, we’re attracting international attention - and getting all the right people on a plane or train to Aarhus.

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We want to help open up the door to a overlooked and underrepresented founders. The succes of all kinds of startups makes our community stronger and more impactful.

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Gathering our community for a night of down-to-earth networking connects us to each other, a helping hand, mentor, opportunity, or straight up cash. Join us next time!

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