Aarhus is hometown to groundbreaking products, highly-skilled teams, and high-growth businesses - we’re here to make discovering them easier.

If you want to boost your dealflow, we’ll be your guide.

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Lasse Chor

Head of Investments


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Oct 10
Oct 10
5:00 pm
10:00 pm
Startup Aarhus Townhall

Startup Aarhus Townhall

Aarhus Townhall gathers founders, investors, and community builders for one night of inspiration, fun, and connections.


Aarhus is just 3-4 hours from CPH, and 35 min. from the airport. Once you’re here, we’ll show you the ropes.

Let us be your Startup Aarhus Guide.

Non-capital based startups are often overlooked. Dealflow is everything and we’ve got some great cases here in Aarhus.

#01 Aarhus Born Unicorn

#02 Aarhus Born Unicorn

#03 Aarhus Born Unicorn