→ In Denmark, only 20% of founders identify as women.
→ 95% of all VC investments go to male-only teams. 4% go to mixed teams.
→ 1/10 Business Angels are women.

Much is being done to increase diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem. This initiative is us doing our part. We’re working to tear down barrieres and welcome underrepresented founders in our community - there’s plenty of room.

About Diversity Week

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Diversity Week is one week of events and discussions aiming to connect minority groups who fund, found, and work in startups. We want to create a space, where the minority becomes the majority - weather it is gender, sexual orientation, or cultural background. It’ll be a space, where we acknowledge challenges and explore opportunities & solutions.

Sometimes by organising exclusive events for the minorities, but (importantly) also by inviting others to join the conversation.

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to our partners

Meet the supporters of Diversity Week. They host events, promotes the cause, and pushes for a more diverse startup community.

Opening the door to underrepresented founders, can bring much-needed products and innovation to the world.

A diverse startup community builds diverse companies - solving all kinds of challenges the world face.

No matter your gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, race, or religion, you can build incredible companies.


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We’re always taking in more perspectives on this topic to improve our initiatives. We’d love to hear your thoughts and try to make your ideas come to life.