2021 – a year of record-breaking investments


December 22, 2021

Already in October, Danish startups had raised more than 2.5 times the amount made in investments, that the previous record year, 2019, had. Aarhus was no stranger to breaking records, as local startups took home some of the largest investments seen to date.

This is shown in Startup Aarhus’ new, complete list of all investments and exits made in Aarhus-based startups in 2021.

As the list makes clear, the total (disclosed) amount made in investments raised by Aarhus startups climbed to an astounding +2,5 billion DKK.

Lunar raised 1,65 billion DKK

Taking home the record is Aarhus’ newest Unicorn, the FinTech-comet, Lunar. In their series D round in June, undisclosed investor(s) invested 1,65 billion DKK in the company, which added up an astounding 15% of Vækstfonden’s estimated total investment sum raised by Danish startups Anno Q3 2021.

Since then, the company has skyrocketed, hiring more than 300 people in the past year – and counting. Read more about Lunar here.

Muna Therapeutics raised 450 million DKK

In June, Novo Holdings, Sofinnova Partners, Droia Ventures, LSP Dementia Fund, and others invested 450 million DKK in Muna Theraputics’ series A round.

The investment is being put to use in developing pharmaceuticals to treat illnesses such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Read more about Muna Therapeutics here.

Pento raised 230 million DKK

Aarhus-born Pento raised 230 million DKK in December. Their series D round was co-led by Tiger Global Management and Avid Ventures. Pento has seen its revenue climb 10x over the past year.

The company’s new capital will be used to expand into new European countries and toward product development, service expansion and partner integrations. Pento has grown its team from 20 to 70 employees in the past year, and they are now continuously hiring. Read more about Pento here.

See the full list of Aarhus Investments 2021 here.

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