How two Aarhus-based companies succeeds with viral marketing


May 20, 2022

When running a business, it’s not necessarily easy to reach far with your messages with a lesser-known brand and without thousands of followers. Therefore, it is smart to dare think alternatively when it comes to marketing.

Besides, branding yourself differently can be much more than just a fun approach. It can also make a significant difference for a business and help it grow. We have highlighted two Aarhus-born companies that succeeds using creative branding tactics.

Advantages of viral marketing

Viral marketing refers to a technique in marketing where users help spread the message online and where the content often takes off living its own life.

Going viral and using it as a branding strategy has a bunch of benefits. First of all, it’s a low-cost method that can potentially help a brand grow quickly. And the approach is pretty easy: You create the type of content that fits your target audience and put it on the internet. Easy as that.

The key is to make it engaging and fun in order to create a sense of community online, helping the content getting recognized and picked up. Then, the audience they will do the sharing for you.

Lunar going on a PR-adventure with Will Ferrell

There are a bunch of ways to go about viral marketing. One way is by getting ahold of a life coach/money guru/zen guy for comic-gold videos in order to teach everyone how to gain control over their money.

That’s what Aarhus-born Lunar did.

In February 2022, Lunar announced a new investor – Hollywood comedian, Will Ferrell. They launched their campaign with a video of Will Ferrell in the role of Will Power – an appropriately named guy with massive hands that advises you to take back the power over your finances with Lunar.

The video series has been thriving on the internet and gained a lot of press coverage. It has been seen by at least 2 million people on YouTube and was mentioned in international medias such as Adweek, The Drum, and Techcrunch. The turn-up of Hollywood’s Will Ferrell wowed people and the comical video series contains all the right fun that makes it highly sharable.

It’ll be interesting to see what the next step for Will Power is.

Swap Language going viral om social media

Aarhus-based startup, Swap Language, has also gained a lot of attention online. Co-founder and CEO, Nichlas Walsted, creates a lot of buzz with his posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. With his content, mostly made up of pictures or videos of himself, he perfectly captures the struggles of learning the Danish language and other Danish curiosities.

On a monthly basis, Swap Language get approx. 4 mio. views. One month it blew off with a post that got 47k likes and 5 million views alone.

As Nichlas Walsted has figured, memes are another (fun) way of branding a business. Creating witty content and adapting to trends is a way of engaging the audience and creating a feeling of connection. Exactly what memes are all about: Capturing just that relatable feeling about a given topic.

Check out Swap Language’s posts on his LinkedIn and Facebook page.

So, diving into viral marketing as a method of branding might be the next step for you. However, it's important to remember that a large part of the control falls into the hands of the audience. On the other hand, a successful viral campaign could work miracles for a brand’s success and be a great way of getting a yet unknown startup with a tiny marketing budget, the attention it deserves.

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